Medical Protocols

To better understand rugby injuries in South Africa, it is crucial that one aligns injury prevention, identification, treatment, reporting and monitoring strategies as close as practically possible to the internationally accepted standards and guidelines. Given the diversity within South Africa, this is not always possible at certain levels of play. However, BokSmart has developed structured and evidence-based medical protocols to try and address rugby injuries in a credible and scientific manner. As adequate medical personnel and support are frequently not available at matches, and definitely not at practices, these protocols are also there to provide coaches, referees, and players with a better understanding of injuries, how to prevent them and how they should be managed appropriately on the field. From a serious injury management perspective, a coach or referee will know at the very least, what not to do, how to manage the situation, and engage appropriate medical support as quickly as possible.

Prevention is always better than cure and with this in mind the BokSmart program addresses numerous topical issues around injury prevention, injury management, rugby safety and performance:

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