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We hope you never have to use it, but should there ever be an emergency on the rugby field and a potentially serious head, neck or spine injured player is in need of help, this toll-free 24 hour hotline operated by ER24 ensures the best treatment as soon as possible.

The BokSmart Spineline is a dedicated emergency helpline solely for potential serious concussion, head, neck and spine injuries sustained during a rugby match or practice. The 0800 678 678 number will fast track emergency treatment and medical management of the seriously injured rugby player 24 hours per day from anywhere in the country. The toll free number is linked to a National Emergency Service Provider, ER24 who provides the necessary advice, initial telephonic screening, and dispatches or arranges suitable transportation of the injured player to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.

One of the great benefits of the BokSmart Spineline is that it offers assistance and support to any rugby player, regardless of their medical aid status. The costs of telephonic screening, transportation and on scene stabilisation will be covered by ER24 should the player not have a medical aid. This sponsorship however only accounts for players with potentially serious or catastrophic head, neck or spine injuries. Where a player is covered by a medical aid, standard billing protocols will be used where the medical aid will be billed for the on-scene stabilisation and transportation service.

Accredited service providers will perform these roles in areas where there is no direct ER24 presence, ensuring that the BokSmart Spineline can render much needed assistance anywhere in the country. These service providers will stabilise and transport the injured player to the nearest appropriate facility for further medical management. Only the most appropriate government medical facilities will be used, unless the injured player is covered by medical aid.

A preferred hospital database is being developed over time to try and identify which hospitals will be able to handle acute injuries of this nature. This network will then facilitate an efficient and speedy response to any location where a rugby player was injured.

This pioneering partnership between BokSmart and ER24 has been in operation since 2009 and is part of BokSmart’s multi-pronged approach towards improving and supporting South African rugby.

BokSmart Spineline is there to ensure that the most effective treatment is given in the shortest time possible; 0800 678 678 is an emergency helpline number worth memorising. Furthermore, the hotline provides rugby-related medical advice and facilitates an important life-line for doctors to use too.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The BokSmart Spineline service and sponsorship does NOT cover any medical costs other than specified above. The sponsorship only holds true for telephonic advice, on-field stabilisation and transport to the nearest most appropriate medical facility. Once the injured player has been handed over to the relevant hospital staff, ER24 and the BokSmart Spineline’s job is done! All medical bills, regardless of the players’ medical aid status, are and remain the responsibility of the players and/or their families to settle. ER24, BokSmart, SARU and/or the Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players’ Fund are NOT responsible for these additional costs.

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