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The BokSmart Rugby Medic programme is a sub-division of the BokSmart programme and is primarily intended for those under-privileged and disadvantaged schools, clubs and teams who have absolutely nothing in place in terms of the necessary training, medical support staff and equipment at matches and practice and aims to improve the life-skills of these individuals in dealing appropriately with serious and catastrophic head, neck and spine rugby injuries in the event that they do occur.

The BokSmart Rugby Medic Programme is NOT a fully fledged qualification, i.e. it is not a SAQA accredited FIRST AID COURSE. To perform a fully accredited FIRST AID COURSE would require more extensive training and assessment, and additional practicum requirements and submissions. This is not the purpose of the BokSmart Rugby Medic Programme.

The BokSmart Rugby Medic course is a condensed one (1) day eight (8) hour rugby-specific first aid short course focussed on providing basic emergency medical support life-skills to the participants. The ultimate goal is to have these trained participants assist in providing basic first aid support at rugby matches or practices within their clubs, schools or communities, where there currently is no infrastructure or support in place (especially in disadvantaged, under-privileged and rural communities).

This course will empower them in appropriately identifying or suspecting a serious and/or catastrophic head, neck or spine injury, and have a basic understanding of what needs to be done, who to call, and at the very worst knowing what NOT to do!

The BokSmart Rugby Medics are not there to replace any First Aiders or Ambulance services currently utilised by clubs, schools or teams, but are there either to assist these paramedical service personnel on-field, or where there currently are no medical support staff available, to provide some basic first aid support.

At community level rugby, there should at the very least be ONE trained BokSmart Rugby Medic or qualified First Aider at field-side, before a match can take place.

If the trained rugby clubs or schools do not possess the minimum emergency medical equipment required to appropriately stabilise and support a seriously injured player, and they comply with specific minimum criteria, BokSmart, within the constraints of an annual and regionally allocated budget, will provide them with a complete set consisting of a spinal board, cervical collar, spider harness, and head blocks at no cost to them, after having undergone the necessary training to use it.

EMTSA provide this particular programme on SARU’s behalf to assist the Provincial Unions in getting some sort of basic medical support staff and structure in place in these targeted communities.

EMTSA are a group of qualified Emergency Medical Training Specialists, who all have up to date knowledge and practical experience in the emergency medical environment and are currently actively involved in treating and managing patients on a regular basis.

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